That powerful and electric wave, that fluttering butterfly with her own rhythm, that light yet hard to ignore breeze, the smile and the eyes that say it all..!
The heart that cares, but does not get bothered. The mind that thinks, but lets the heart decide. The truth that hurts, but is for real.  The heart that needs very little, but wants a lot.
Where day dreams are just as real as the bigger dreams and ambitions.  Where that innocence is the strength, and not the weakness.  When everything is just ordinary, but still stands out..!!
That's Aditi! And who would know her better than her sister & her friends... A fairy tale type of a girl & one of a kind. She is beautiful & intelligent. She is sweet yet stubborn. She is lovable, with a fiery temper sometimes.

She is the girl who will add color to your life and the girl who will make you smile and laugh. She will always be there to lift your mood, and that too without realizing it. She will be that 3 am friend for you whom you can talk to about anything, the best part being, you can go on and on and on!!

She is determined and a person who always does what her heart tells her. She is the one who follows her instincts. She knows what she wants and is always clear about her goals, her commitments, her relationships and everything else! There are no second thoughts to it.

Be the person who loves her and makes her happy, and she'll make your world beautiful!


Ayushi Ladha – Sister

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